Changing the Default Location for Program Installation

You always wanted to change or customize the location of the programs you are to install. Perhaps if you'd like to put the programs you are to install in a folder called "My Programs" in another directory other than C:\ like D:\. To be able to do this, we must make some changes or "tweaks" in the registry. Just follow the simple things below to get the job done nice and easy. :-)

1. Go to Start then click "Run". In the open field of "Run" type in without quotes "regedit" and navigate to :


2. Look at the left pane of the Registry Editor window then search for and open "ProgramFilesDir".

3. In the "Value Data" box change the default installation location by typing in the new location for Prgram Installation like D:\My Programs

4. Log off or Restart your Computer.

Try installing a new program and see if the program installs in D:\My Programs. :-)

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