How to Increase the Speed of your Internet Connection

Do you know that can actually increase the speed of you internet connection without any additional cost? What most of us don’t know that our internet connection is limited or controlled by our operating system or our browser? This controlling of the bandwidth that we receive can be corrected by this simple yet powerful freeware.

It may not be a big issue if your are having a slow connection, but your productivity decreases and you don’t like that. However, there is this cool software called BP Internet Optimizer. This is a freeware and portable application that makes most of your internet connection that you really deserve.

BP Internet Optimizer gives you faster intern connection by doing changes in your computer configuration. The software will make configurations in the setting for the TCP / IP, such as MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) , RWIN (TCP) , and other parameters as well. This changes will make adjustments until the proper and optimized connection if achieved.

Bp Inter Optimizer is so easy to use, it should make the process finished in three quick clicks. First, specify what connection you have. Second, determine the speed your modem is capable for. And Lastly, Click the Optimize button. Doesn’t it sound so easy? By the way, you need to restart your computer to make changes effective.

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  1. softmindven says:
    September 12, 2011 at 3:23 AM

    Thanks for speed increasing tips...this tips helps to increase the speed of the internet,i checked the speed before using the tips my Speed is slow.Now i have checked the speed it's really fast and Good...I checked my Uploading and downloading speed at here

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