Blocking Websites using Hosts File in Vista or Xp

Do you like to restrict your friends or a brother or sister access certain websites? You may not have to use third party programs to do the job. Whatever reasons you have to block a site or websites, I'm glad to share this tut I have learned from others. Share this tut as well or refer this blog to others. If you have another way to block a site, please do share it to us.

Blocking Websites using Hosts File in Vista or Xp

1. Let us assume we are going to block our blogsite from any web browser you have. If we are to block a specific site, we must indicate the possible urls a user might write on the address bar like,, These possible urls must be screened or filtered from the Hosts File.

2. Go to "Run" and type in "cmd". And in the command prompt type this in without quotes net user administrator /active:yes . This will give you administrative rights to be able to do the tweaks.

3. Go to "Run" from the Start button and type in "Drivers" ( without the quotes )

4. As the Drivers window pops out, go to folder "etc".

5. Inside folder "etc", open file "Hosts"

6. Open file Hosts with notepad.

7. Do you see " localhost", add up below it like:

8. Save the file. Try opening a browser and type in either of the three urls to test if it screens the address. If it opens, then it hasn't able to block the urls you entered in the Hosts file. Try using instead of in the Hosts file.

Hope you successfully screened off the sites you wish to block. :-)

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