Changing Windows Properties Logo

Sometimes, you want to make some personal touches on your Windows System Properties Box with a big label of your name. Luckily windows grants us to make these changes by simple creation of the logo and some ini file for additional info about the label. I got this great tweak from the windows help central page and laid out things very easy for to follow. So here it is.

A. First you need to create two things, your bmp logo and the info. Your logo should have a size of 180 x 120 pixels (180 for width and 120 for height ) and save it as a bmp (bitmap). You can make out a logo plainly from mspaint. ;-) Then, save your logo as oemlogo.bmp

B. Now having a 180 x 120 bmp logo, make an oem info by copying the text below. Do edits on the text below to suit your personal touches. Open notepad ( press win+r then type notepad ) then copy below

=== start copy below ===

Manufacturer=Windows Help Central

[Support Information]
Line1=" "
Line2=" For tricks and other help:"
Line4=" This part will change the info wgich is customizable"
Line5=" Windows XP Tips by clhidohardware "
Line6=" You may add something here..."
Line8=" write your email here.."
Line9=" or your number maybe...."

=== stop copy ===

Save this file as "oeminfo.ini" (weird but please include the quotations") and choose "all" in the file type. You can find the contents of your ini file if the Support Information button is clicked.

C. Now having the two files, copy both the oeminfo.ini and oemlogo.bmp files.

D. Press Win+R and in the "open" box, type in system32

E. As the System32 window opens, paste in the files.

F. Log off

G. Log back in. Go to your start menu and click right on "My Computer" and choose "properties". You should see your logo and info by now. :-)

Please do comment. :-) Suggest a Tip or ask a question likewise to help us answer your needs.

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