Hiding Document Files in a Picture Using WinRar and Simple Commands

(Tested on XP by the Computer Hardware Servicing Students of CLHIDO)

Extracting secret.txt file form the clhido.jpg picture

Extracting secret.txt file form the clhido.jpg picture

Ever wanted to keep your files from being publicly seen in your home computer? You don't have to buy a third party program to be able to do so. It is free and relatively easy to do. In order to hide document files in a picture, you must have a picture a file or document to be "embedded" and WinRar. Palihug tawon sabta ang instructions ha? Kay if you can't follow such instructions you might find it difficult hiding a document in a picture. So here it is!

Secret.txt and clhido.jpg saved in folder "img src="http://lh4.ggpht.com/_pPhWdYdkkh8/TCnzfZC15xI/AAAAAAAAAFY/cs0-6pQ1_CE/s800/merging%20files.JPG"

A. Make a folder in drive c: . Let us assume we'll make a folder called "drokz"

B. Locate the picture and the file you wish to "merge" (kay dili man jud siya i-merge mao akong gibutangan ug quotations) and copy those two files to the folder you have just created in c:. Let us assume I have secret.txt and clhido.jpg files.

C. Inside the folder with the copied files, click right on the secret.txt and add choose add to "secret.rar" (will later become "secret.rar")

D. Press Win+R then type in "cmd" (without quotes) to open the Command Prompt.

E. In the command prompt, type in "c:" ( if your already at c:, type in "cd\" to bring you to the root directory )

Using the Command Prompt to merge the files

F. Go to your your folder by typing in "cd drokz". Once already inside directory "drokz", type in "dir" to check if the two files are available.

G. Once available, type this in : "copy /b clhido.jpg + secret.rar" ( /b indicates the binary file switch )

H. Your Done! :-) You may now delete secret.txt and secret.rar from folder "drokz" of Drive C:. You may not be able to see secret.txt anymore but you know it is already "embedded" in the clhido.jpg file.

To extract the hidden file from your Picture

A. Click right on the picture ( clhido.jpg ) and select "Open With" then click "Choose Program" then finally select WinRar.

B. You will then see a winrar window and see inside it the file secret.txt and you may extract it then. :-)

Do Comment if something goes wrong.... :-)

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