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Putting a picture background for your flashdrive is a cool customization usb trick! You may have your own picture or any favorite picture to be placed as the background of your USB flashdrive. This is done by putting or copying your picture in root directory of your USB Flashdrive or thumbdrive. Also to be copied is a file called "desktop.ini" file. Follow the steps below to have your USB Flashdrive or thumbdrive a cool picture background!

Adding a Picture in your Flashdrive

1. Copy a picture into your flashdrive. Remember the filename and the file extension of your picture as picture may come as "my pic.jpg" or "my pic.gif"

2. The best picture background for your USB Flashdrive is a picture having a solid plain fill like white, black, dark blue, or any other safer colors. Having high contrast picture as a background can only cause a "trashy" look and will make you find or select your files difficult.

Adding the Desktop.ini file to your Flashdrive

1. Open Notepad by pressing Win+R then type inside the box "notepad" (without the quotation)

2. As the Notepad window appears, copy the following codes below

--- start copy

iconarea_image=my pic.jpg

--- stop copy

usb flashdrive background
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"my pic.jpg" should be replaced with the name of your picture and its file extension

"0x75F85B" if the text color in Hex. See here for the list of the available colors.
** use ox(hex color value) like 0xFAFBFA for white or 0x75F85B for green

3. Save this in your USB flashdrive as "desktop.ini" (with the quotations)

4. Unplug then replug your flashdrive.

5. Enjoy!

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