Keyboard Shortcuts for Ubuntu

You can actually see the keyboard shortcut for Ubuntu if you navigate to System> Preferences> Keyboard Shortcuts on the main menu. But since you want a list, here it is! I have taken this list from the Ubuntu help site.

Desktop Shortcuts

Alt + F1 : Open the Applications menu

Alt + F2 : Run an application by typing its name in the box which appears

Prt Sc : (Print Screen) Take a screenshot of the whole screen

Alt + Prt Sc : Take a screenshot of the current window

Window Shortcuts

Alt + Tab - Switch between currently-open windows. Press Alt + Tab and then release Tab (but continue to hold Alt). Press Tab repeatedly to cycle through the list of available windows which appears on the screen. Release the Alt key to switch to the selected window.

Ctrl + Alt + Left/Right Cursor - Lets you quickly switch between your Workspaces.

These might not work on every machine, but are reasonably common:

Alt+F7 Moves the current window (can be moved with mouse or keyboard).

Alt+F8 Resizes current window (again,can be moved with mouse or keyboard).

Alt+F9 Minimises current window.

Alt+F10 Maximises current window.

Alt+Space Brings up window menu with with 'Always on Top' and 'Minimise' and 'Maximise' and above commands.

These might change depending on the application you're using, but work for most common applications:

Alt+F5 Returns window to 'normal' or previous size.

Alt+F4 Closes window.

Common Application Shorcuts

Ctrl + C : Copy the selected text/object

Ctrl + X : Cut the selected text/object

Ctrl + V : Paste/insert the selected text/object

Ctrl + A : Select all text

Ctrl + B : Make the selected text bold

Ctrl + I : Make the selected text italic

Ctrl + U : Underline the selected text

Ctrl + N : Open a new document or window

Ctrl + S : Save the current document

Ctrl + O : Open another document

Ctrl + P : Print the current document

Ctrl + Z : Undo the last change you made

Ctrl + Shift + Z : Redo a change that you just undid

System Shortcuts

Ctrl + Alt + Delete : Restart the computer immediately, without saving open files

Ctrl + Alt + Plus (numeric keypad) : Rotate through supported screen resolutions

Ctrl + Alt + Minus (numeric keypad) : Rotate backwards through supported screen resolutions

These shortcuts are taken from the Ubuntu help site.

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